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About A. Shah Massoud Ahmad Shah Massoud (احمد شاه مسعود- Aḥmad Šāh Mas‘ūd; September 1953 – September 9, 2001) was a Kabul University engineering student turned military leader who played a leading role in driving the Soviet army out of Afghanistan, earning him the nickname Lion of Panjshir. His followers call him Āmir Sāhib-e Shahīd (Our Martyred Commander). An ethnic Tajik, Massoud was a moderate of the anti-Soviet resistance leaders.Following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet-backed government of Mohammad Najibullah, Massoud became the Defense Minister in 1992 under the government of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani. Following the collapse of Rabbani's government and the rise of the Taliban in 1996, Massoud returned to the role of an armed opposition leader, serving as the military commander of the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (known previously as the Northern Alliance). On September 9, 2001, two days before the September 11 attacks in the United States, Massoud was assassinated in Takhar Province of Afghanistan by suspected al-Qaeda agents. The following year, he was named "National Hero" by the order of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The date of his death, September 9, is observed as a national holiday in Afghanistan, known as "Massoud Day." The year following his assassination, in 2002, Massoud was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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خود را آتش زد تا افغانستان در زمستان تاريخ نزند - A. Shah Massoud
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من از تبار پکول پوشان مقاومتگر است ام، عقب نشینی در فرهنگ ما نیست! - A. Shah Massoud
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ای مسعود رهبر عدل جهان گویم تو را - فاتح ظلم و ستم در هر زمان گویم تو را. - A. Shah Massoud
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( بجز اسمت نگیرم نامی برلب ـــ همیشه بر دلم نقشی تو بینم بود با دل مرا این عهد دایم ــــ که بر دل نقشی جز مهرت نبینم ) - A. Shah Massoud
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من باشم يا نباشم اين مقاومت ادامه دارد. قهرمان ملي - A. Shah Massoud
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